Trip to Phillip Island

Yesterday, we were invited by a friend to come with them to Phillip Island. We haven’t been there yet  and I know there is a Koala park near so I wanted to come. Though they planned it last minute, we still managed to prepare in a jiffy.

That was a shorter drive compared to our 12 Apostles trip.  First stop, the Maru Koala and animal park. I was super excited to see koalas and touch and feel its fur. I like koala better than kangaroo.  The entrance fee is higher that what was published on their website. We thought their family pack is 54, but there we paid 80 dollars!!  Sooo sad at it seems, I didn’t get a chance to get a koala encounter ticket, that would mean additional 20 bucks per person…

I felt happy seeing the Koalas up above ( though it would have been better if I could touch and pet them.. =(  ..) Thankfully at least we saw some interesting show, the sheep shearing encounter. It was nice to see.

Anyways, we went to San Remo drive to rest and for the kids to place, it was a nice place with a nice view. We just ate a quick snack and we went over to Nobbies, such a great view of sunset, too bad we are in a hurry, so we need to take photo in a hurry, the photos weren’t that good, but the view was amazing.

After a quick run  around the Nobbies, we went straight to our last stop, the Penguin Parade. I’ve expected an entrance fee, but I didnt expect it to be soo pricey.  My friend was expecting it to be free though, (she’s a bit disappointed, this is what she wanted to see) well, since we’ve traveled that far, we decided to just pay the entrance x __x

We’ve waited till the sun is down for the penguins to come out of the sea or should I say ocean, and move into the board walk. They are the smallest penguin, it was hard to see, specially for us who just purchased the general admission ticket.

We saw run to the boardwalk after at least 2 to 3 batch of penguin parading out of the ocean. We wanted to see them up close, good thing we did saw like 5 or 6 of them in the board walk. They are sensitive to light and sound, so when some kid, tried to shout and touch the penguin, it moved to its burrow.

I did get a shot, secretly of the two of those 6 penguins we saw up close, they are said to be the smallest penguins. It was tiring and expensive trip, but enjoyable. I think I wanted to go back to Nobbies again. We planned it a little later in the morning so we haven’t had enough time to enjoy the view because we need to run to get to the penguine parade on time.

Some phone photos of our trip to Nobbies, it was almost sunset, so some photos are a bit dark.





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