Parties here and there

I’ve been living in Melbourne for a year already. One thing I’ve learned is when there is a party to attend to, most of the time it ain’t that casual jeans and shirt like what we’ve had in Singapore. It is a dress up kind of party. I’ve attended the first formal party last february, I struggle, because though I love fashion, I only have jeans, shorts and sneakers. I have a pair of sandals that is not really that “party” kind.

Now we’ve been invited again, to the 40th birthday of a friend, and it is gonna be a formal gathering once again, on an autumn. I don’t really have a dress. I’ve got a cocktail dress but I don’t think it would fit me, I was 50kgs back then…

Here I am again struggling what to wear. I don’t wanna be under dress or over dress…. options.. ideas… pinterest can you help my apple shape bod..


just ranting…



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