Random facts about moi

This is just a repost from my original personal blog..

1.  I am a pessimist, a nega, negastar kind of person, I am TRYING my best to change that though, cause nothing good comes out of it, it just makes me feel emo, at all times, at galit sa mundo.

2. I am an only girl, I have wished to have a sister before, but I guess I am meant to be an Only Girl! I thank God at least he gave me 4 girl cousins, I grew up with them, they are like sisters to me.

3. My uncles used to take care of me when I was young, because my mom have those so called “rakets” or sidelines, thus growing up I became fond of listening to  “The Cure” and other 80s songs. and movies.

4. Edward Scissor hands is the first Johnny Depp movie I’ve watched, rented on a VHS player by my uncle, and with that white-cast face with scratches, unruly hair and weird look, I’ve grown to like Johnny Depp at the age of 11. I would say I liked him at his worst and loved him at his best 🤣 That’s also the beginning of my first OTP ever, Winona/Johnny.

5. I don’t really like guys with six packed abs or those muscular arms.. yeah I know, I’m kinda’v weird. I like tall slim guys without abs and flabs.. I find them more attractive that those, bulging muscular arms and tummy. I have nothing against those gym buff, its just my preference.

6. I hate small talks, coz I’m really shy around strangers. I am somewhat introvert I guess, because I don’t really know how to start a convo with other people or with people I’ve just met.. I’m just crazy in front  of my closest friends and relatives but can’t start talking in front of other people.

7. Do you know “kulambo”? It’s mosquito net, I can’t sleep without rubbing my feet on them.. I guess it runs in the family, I have two cousins who does that too.. hehehe

8. I am a frustrated drummer. I wanted to learn how to play drums when I was in high school but then again, we don’t have extra money for that. So I am amazed by girls who play drums so well.

9.  I love Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf of Gossip girls.. I was hoping they would become “Real” couple. But then Leighton married someone else, what can we do, their acting is just too damn good I was soo into it.

10. Lastly, I hate compliments. Uhmm not really “hate” more like, I don’t feel like receiving them, it makes me feel awkward, I don’t even know how to response.  While most people loves receiving compliments, I am one of the few who doesn’t really  fancy them. I guess because I have a very low self-esteem and I don’t think I deserve them, I guess it goes back to my point number 1.

Well, most facts, faqs, infos ends with either 5 or 10.. so that’s it! A little bit of my self shared to the world.. As if they care! Loool  (me, being Nega again)



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